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Raving Loonatics

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Roommates, soulmates, RAVE-mates! As their knowledge of the word increased so did their desire to witness to their friends who were deeply into the rave scene.

But where could they turn to find the music that their friends could understand and respect? In a flash of inspiration they created the Raving Loonatics. Armed with tapes of their favourite pastors, and borrowed sampler they set out to change the world!

One day they as they all piled into their 1977 Impala station wagon on they way to pass out tracks at the rave being held at the local barn, they happenedto turn the radio on and tuned into Scott Blackwell's ClubHouse show. To their delight that they were not the only ones who loved Jesus and were into dance music. Of course it was in inevitable that they would follow that radio singal to Southern California to meet Blackwell. It was there that the idea for this record became reality. Yes they're crazy.

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