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Deezer D

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Now, rap music lovers are hearing about a fresh new vibe on the horizon on their favorite radio station, by an artist named Deezer D.

Wittingly combining the ambience fo hip-hop with an uncompromising message of positivity, actor/rapper Deezer D is rapidly emerging as the pioneer of an intrinsic craving within rap music. A beat you can listen to and the lyrics worth living for.

The new album "Livin Up in a Down World" is produced by D. Black & Chris Gunn for Black Gunn productions (Lighter Shade of Brown, MC Man, All In the Same Gang, JV, Frost, Dresta the Gangsta, Big Syke (Thug Life), Knightowl, King Shon& the SS MOB, T-BONE, Ice Cube) is a perfect blend of West Coast flava rap with a heavy R&B influence which is sure to bring both young and old soul and hip hop listeners out to support Deezer D.

To the hip hop culture Deezer D is best know for his role as Chris Rock's sidekick, Stab Master Arson, in the film CB-4 or as one of the Jam Boys in "Fear of a Black Hat" as well as Damon Wayan's crony in "The Great White Hype." To families across America, Deezer D is identified as Nurse Malik McGrath on NBC's number one Award winning series, "ER", presently in his fifth season.

The South Central Los Angeles native is not only a rising rap artist, but Deezer is a motivational speaker and counselor to recovering alcoholics while maintaining his role as a regular on the hit TV series.

Track Listing (Click Title For Mp3 Demo!)

Deezer D. (Livin' Up In A Down World)......
#1 Intro
#2 I Can't Take It No Mo
#3 Who's Callin'
#4 It's Goin' Down Tonight
#5 FM92.3 The Beat With Deezer D
#6 Welcome home
#7 Kenneth C. Ulmer
#8 Name Droppin'
#9 Still My Homie
#10 Come Back
#11 Deezer D. Callin On The One
#12 Jealousy
#13 Stop, I love hiphop
#14 Juli Smith interviews Deezer D.
#15 Blessed
#16 What'cha Gonna do
#17 I Ain't Livin' Like That
#18 Deezer Checks Messages
#19 Come Back - Remix


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